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Storage Tips

Providing you with safe, secure storage is one of our primary goals at Cardinal Self Storage,
but we can only protect it from the outside. Although many people never really consider it, the
way you pack your items and place them in the storage unit is just as important as putting
the lock on the door. Why? Because over time, just as in everything else, your items and boxes
will settle. This can be devastating if you don't take the extra time to pack your items properly. A
half full box will eventually collapse under the weight of another box or item placed on top of it.

These tips we have provided will help you better plan and protect your property.

 1. Keep an accurate inventory of all the items you put into storage. By glancing at the sheet, you will know what is in the unit without having to rummage through all the boxes.

 2. Leave enough space in the unit to be able to walk inside. There are times when you have so much in the unit that this is not possible. In that event, leave items in the middle of the floor that can be easily removed so you can access the contents with little effort.

 3. We sell wardrobe boxes and mattress covers to help protect your clothes and bedding. Remember, certain kinds or fabrics and materials, such as silk and leather, do not take kindly to being balled up and thrown into a garbage bag.

 4. You can save space by placing plastic or a pallet on the floor and setting your mattresses and sofa(s) on end.

 5. Any items such as tables, frames, or anything else that can be easily disassembled will save a lot of space when loading the storage unit. Use a plastic bag to hold the screws and tape the bag to the item to keep from losing it.

 6. Never store flammable liquids in your unit. Always make sure to drain fuel from your lawn equipment before storing it.

 7. When putting items in the unit, place the items that you would be least likely to need in the back, along with the most valuble items.

 8. If you have shelving units or bookcases, take advantage of them and use them for storing your more fragile items

 9. To protect your things from condensation, use fabric (such as a sheet) to cover your items rather than plastic. Remember, humidity can warp furniture and create rust and mildew on appliances.

 10. If you are storing a refrigerator, remember to leave the door(s) open while in storage. Even if you just block them open one inch, it will help prevent mold and mildew.

 11. When possilbe, store electronics in the original boxes.

 12. Whenever you have to stack furniture on top of each other, place a pad or cardboard between pieces to avoid scratching and denting.

 13. When packing heavier items, place them in smaller boxes so they will be easy to move later on.

 14. Make sure that you label boxes, totes, or other containers with the contents.

 15. When packing dishes, glasses, or other breakables, make sure you wrap each item individually to help protect it from breakage.

 16. Store items that may leak in plastic bags and/or plastic containers.

 17. Use bubble wrap for framed art and mirrors and stand them on end.

 18. Place plastic or pallets on the floor of your storage unit to protect your items in case something should begin to leak.

 19. Avoid having a lot of loose items in your unit. Using boxes to store these loose items will make your future move much easier and will offer extra protection.

 20. You can store a large amount of linens or fragile items inside appliances like a refrigerator, dryer, oven...etc.

 21. Avoid storing firearms if at all possible. In the event it is necessary to store them, make sure it is unloaded and the chamber is clear.

 22. Do not store open food containers or yard waste. If you do, you are creating an open invitation for bugs and rodents, and they WILL find you (and your neighboring tenants).

 23. Buy Tenant Insurance. It is inexpensive and it is well worth the peace of mind!

 24. Never give out your gate code, or let someone unknown through the gate.