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Off Season RV Storage



Your RV serves you well as your abode for the road at certain times of the year, but when traveling season is over, it is ideal to tidy up your recreational vehicle and store it away safely where it can be retrieved the next time it is needed. Finding a good RV storage facility is your first step, but part of safe storage for your RV falls on you. 

If you want to come back to find your RV ready for the road when you retrieve it from storage, there are certain things you should do before you place the vehicle in storage for a long period. Here is a quick list of four steps to take before storing your RV for the off-season. 

1. Open Up the Vents for a Little Airflow in Your RV

Pretty much all RVs are equipped with vents on the roof that are specifically there to allow airflow through the unit. You may be inclined to close up these vents before storage, but the truth is, it is best if they are open. 

Mildew and mold can develop within 24 to 48 hours of moisture exposure. If you have something damp inside the RV and no airflow because the unit is sealed up tight, it will only exacerbate the situation. With your RV being inside of a storage unit, there will be no concerns of pests making their way through the open vents. 

2. Clean and Condition Rubber Seals in Your RV

There are rubber seals throughout the exterior of the RV that are meant to ward off moisture and provide a tight seal from the elements. You will find these seals in various places, including:

  • Around windows and doors
  • Around slide out expansion sections
  • Around the roof vents and other roof components

Before storing your RV, take a little time to clean up these seals using a damp cloth. Cleaning the seals will prevent trapped dirt from hardening during storage and creating problems next season. To keep the rubber seals in a nice, flexible condition, pick up a can of seal conditioner at the RV supply store and apply a generous coat to each seal as directed. 

3. Switch Off All Electrical and Battery-Reliant Components Inside of the RV

Several things inside the RV utilize electric power to function, which means they will rely on the battery power available if when the generator is not on, or you are not plugged into an available outlet. Most modern RVs have a battery disconnect switch or switch that can be used to automatically shut down everything in the RV that relies on power. 

Shutting off the power to everything ensures you will not come back to your RV later and find that you have a completely depleted battery. However, shutting down all electrical components is also a good thing to do for safety reasons as you don't want anything shorting out while the RV is in storage and creating a fire hazard. 

4. Remove All Cloth Personal Belongings from the RV

The curtains, bedding and pillows, towels and washcloths, and any other cloth item inside of the RV should be removed before storage. For one, these items trap odor particles in the air inside of the RV. Therefore, they can contribute to a foul odor after being stored for long periods of time. It is a much better idea to remove these items and bring them back next season. 

The more time you spend preparing your RV for storage, the more ready it will be for you to climb in and take off when you retrieve it. Contact us at Cardinal Self Storage for more information about RV storage. 

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