Boat and RV storage at Cardinal Self Storage - Wilmington in Wilmington, North Carolina

Convenient Boat Storage in Wilmington

We at Cardinal Self Storage know that there is nothing like a morning spent out on the water on your fishing boat or an afternoon of skiing behind your speedboat. However, the challenges of boat storage at the end of the day are enough to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. Limited space, restricted space and marina fees can make storing a motorboat, pontoon or deck boat difficult. Our small trailer and boat outdoor storage units offer an easy solution. Our facilities provide a secure and convenient space to put your small boat in dry storage for the winter, or just keep it at the ready for the next outing. We can function as your own private dry dock.

A Safe Place For Your Camper, Travel Trailer, or Boat

There are a host of reasons why storing your small boat and trailer at a facility is a good idea. Few people have the garage capacity to easily keep a boat at home. We provide the space to shield your small boat or trailer from environmental and other hazards without crowding your driveway. Benefits of parking your boat or trailer at Cardinal Self Storage include:

  • Convenient hours available – no wait time to get to your boat or trailer when it’s time to go
  • Around-the-clock surveillance – video cameras and onsite managers

Keep your boats and toys safe and within easy reach at Cardinal Self Storage of Wilmington. Our storage units are ideal for small trailer storage and boats. Give us a call to find out more.

Large storage facility area for Boats and RVs at Cardinal Self Storage - Wilmington in Wilmington, North Carolina