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Some items are more sensitive to environmental conditions than others are. Your grandmother’s breakfront, family photo albums and film, computer hardware and more may all need special care while packed away. Climate-controlled storage at Cardinal Self Storage provides a consistent atmosphere for those belongings that are most vulnerable. An enclosed unit moderates temperature, limits excess humidity and keeps mildew and dust off antiques and other valuable possessions. Photographs, art, wine collections, electronic equipment and musical instruments can all maintain their premium worth in an appropriate facility.

Enclosed Humidity-Controlled Units

Storing your valuables in an environmentally monitored space makes particular sense in the long term. Standard units do not provide the peace of mind that climate-stable spaces offer, especially when you do not know how long the items will need to stay packed. There is no need to worry with interiors that are maintained at a temperature between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The benefits of a unit that is kept at a consistent temperature, is humidity controlled and dust resistant include:

  • Dry conditions that inhibit the growth of mold
  • Reduced chance of wood warping from changes in temperature
  • Greater protection from pests
  • A comfortable space to visit
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