Moving truck available at Cardinal Self Storage - East Raleigh in Raleigh, North Carolina

We Offer Free Moving Trucks

Moving is one of life’s more stressful activities. At Cardinal Self Storage we understand and aim to take some of the pressure off by offering a free moving truck to customers who rent a storage unit. We provide a moving truck to save people the bother and expense of renting a vehicle from another company, making multiple trips in a car or begging a favor from a friend with a pickup truck. The free use of a moving truck is an example of our dedication to customer service. We believe, too, that a good vehicle will provide the safest ride for your cargo.

Two moving trucks in a row at Cardinal Self Storage - East Raleigh in Raleigh, North Carolina

Courtesy Truck Use With Storage Unit Rental

Cargo shifts in transit. Limiting movement is the key to successful loading. Your furniture, appliances and boxes will fare much better in transition if you follow a few tips from the professionals:

  • Draw up a packing plan
  • Make an inventory of the things to be moved and put it all on paper or in a document before beginning the actual work
  • A little planning will save time and stress, guaranteed
  • Cover everything with furniture pads or other coverings to protect corners and offer a buffer between pieces
  • Use tie-downs and belts wherever you can to keep items in place
  • Pack the van or truck in four parts, making sure one section is secure before moving on to the next
  • Pack the heaviest things first, up front nearest the driver
  • Pack furniture such as tables and chairs near the rear, along with unusually shaped objects

Get the details on a free truck and unit sizes from our Cardinal Self Storage managers in Raleigh. We will help with everything from estimating the size of an appropriate unit to offering furniture storage tips. Call us today.

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